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Focus On Why Media has vast experience working with small and large businesses. The founder has helped advise large Fortune 500 companies and can give business consulting advice on how to build a company's video marketing strategy and at the same time create video content through powerful storytelling.

By 2023, 80% of the content online is predicted to be videos. It is essential for businesses to start being intentional about how they can differentiate. 

Providing Videography Services for the following projects:

  • Business Profile

  • Educational Courses

  • Event Coverage

  • Interviews

  • Professional Speakers​​

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Charities

  • Testimonials

  • Social Media

  • Music Video

  • Commercial Videos

  • Online Training Courses

  • Large Companies

  • Medium Sized Companies

  • Small Businesses

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VIDEO BUSINESS CARD - Business Profile

A video that profiles your business, why you started the company, what products or services are offered is an important asset to your online presence. The audience is able to see your personality and it creates a deeper level of trust and comfort when they meet you for an in-person meeting or consultation. You can create social proof quickly by utilizing various b-roll clips or photos of you with your clients. As the business owner, valuable time is saved from explaining your business. 


We have worked with various companies and schools in the education industry and we can help film student and instructor testimonials, promote specific programs within your school, or cover specific events. There are many potential video projects for educational institutions.


We understand that footage and photographs from company events can be effectively used for multiple marketing campaigns. The videos and photos captured can be used as company assets for website material, social media promotions, marketing for future events, and overall brand awareness. Companies that are pro-active in creating an encyclopedia of raw footage assets have many more options for future content creation and don't have to pay to reinvent the wheel.  If the request is for an upcoming event, we can schedule videographers and  / or photographers for half day or full day coverage.


We have helped film various TV segments for Home Improvement and Cooking shows that have aired on CityTV, Global, and various other Canadian television channels. Please reach out to us if you have Calgary-specific content you need filmed.


Promotional videos are great to increase your brand awareness as well as to help generate online traffic to specific web pages, or social media pages. They are great for generating leads and work well with new service or product launches as well as showcasing upcoming events. Many companies have marketing assets that are in written form (brochures, reports, hard-copy guides); promo videos can often help with increasing future downloads or registrations for a call to action.


Highlight reels are an entertaining way to share an event, company culture, sport or activity, travel destination or time period (such as a year in review). They can range in scope, intention, genre, and length. They can also include text, voiceovers, or to music only. Creativity, music selection, b-roll and purpose are key to highlight videos.


For social media campaigns, we recommend to minimize the filming days by working with your team to create at least 30 to 100 topics. These would be edited into short videos with specific content that would add value to your audience. This would increase traffic to your landing pages and allow for greater organic growth to your online channels.


To cover sporting events, we use cameras that are excellent in lower light indoor situations. We also have experience in filming fast-paced action such as martial arts, gymnastics, fitness studios, rock climbing, adventure and more. It is important to be able to anticipate movement as well as capture different creative angles depending on the purpose and use of the video. 


A general website video can give social proof about the activities of the business through the year. Video can showcase the various products and services offered by your company and is a great opportunity for your new or existing clients to see the journey taken throughout the year in a visual and entertaining way.


We work with Event Planners to help capture footage to promote their future events. These types of videos help to showcase specific products and services for an organizer. We have filmed at hundreds of venues in the Calgary & Surrounding Area.


Real estate is one of the largest markets in Alberta's economy. An increasing number of stakeholders have become interested in this market and we work with a lot of investors, real estate agents and property management companies for various video marketing assets for new and existing clients. To stand out, more companies are reaching out to create video assets whether it is for a property tour, explainer and education videos, regulation changes in the industry, community highlight videos or social media branding content. 


(ATB, Gofundme, Indiegogo Kickstarter campaigns)

In Alberta, there are a number of organizations that have been built up or have grown through various funding campaigns. A video helps create trust with your future and prospective clients; they get to see your personality as well as how your product or service works. It is a more effective tool then just the written word which is why video marketing has exploded in the last several years. Boost your campaign by creating a crowdfunding video.


We love working with non-profit organizations and charities throughout Alberta and Canada. One of our favorite types of videos are specific story testimonials of people that non-profit companies have helped along the way. We know of no better way to show what your organizations does and WHY they exist than through the human connection. It is what moves us emotionally, what inspires us to be better and encourages us to act. If you are looking for video or photography coverage in the local Calgary or Surrounding area please reach out to us.

MEDIUM and SMALL Business
Below are examples where we were hired to film ONLY and deliver the raw video 

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Serving Clients in the Calgary & Surrounding Area. We will travel anywhere within Canada based on your project requirements. We also love helping new Clients that are visiting Calgary and require a local video production company for their event or content creation project.

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