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Dan's vision and passion is always centered around the people and places that inspire him. He finds that a story has strength when it brings about a flood of emotion where the heroes of the story undergo a relatable great suffering and how the suffering and adversity was eventually overcome through a journey of learning, growth, and courage.


Furthermore, the most powerful human stories are focused on those very few individuals that come out of these circumstances and end up helping and caring for others in the similar predicaments as they had to face. 

Dan's purpose will be to help tell a story and bring a voice to the voiceless. To extract an amazing life journey that is the epitome of the human experience. And that by sharing the story, hopefully help in the process that can bring inspiration to others to overcome in their struggles ..... because we are more similar than we are different. 


Dan is currently requesting for screenplays for short-films or documentaries.

If you know a true story of someone or a movement that has inspired people to take action, please contact me and I would love to hear about it. We may possibly be able to help create something great.

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