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Top Outdoor Locations to Film in Calgary with Incredible Views of the City

This is a quick guide if you are searching for an area to shoot an interview, have a talking head, or if you just want a killer view of YYC and its skyline. We’ve also provided Google map links on how to actually get to each location.

This is one of the classic views of cowtown as it is so close to the Saddledome and the home of the Calgary Flames. It has an amazing view of downtown with the Calgary Tower in view as well. It is the best location to view the fireworks display during the Stampede. The wooden stair case is also great to have in a composition as it creates leading lines and depth in your frame. Many interviews are done at this famous location. The park is also an off-leash dog park and is shared with many others in the city. There is also a wooden platform close to 6th Street and Ramsay Street that is well known. A similar view that won’t be as crowded is along Bellevue Avenue in the same community. As you walk up the hill in the green space, the view will get better.

A great view with the Lions Bridge on Centre Streetand the Bow River in the foreground. This area can get sunny so make sure to time it correctly. Early mornings, evenings and cloudy days are the best to film up here. There is free 1 and 2 hour parking close by. This area is also an offleash dog park and is the location for the infamous stairs that Calgarians train on during the off-season months to stay fit.

There is also free parking in this area as well and benches to enjoy the view. There is a set of wooden stairs that leads down to the bridge. The top of the stairs make a great location for an interview or talking head. If you head to the bottom of the stairs, which leads to the bridge, the Calgary Tower can come into view and also makes a great composition. There is a lion statue at the top as well that is staring out towards the skyscrapers that sets up for a great scene as well.

Is a bit further away from the downtown skyline but if you are filming with a longer lens and use compression, it is still possible to frame the shot to achieve the desired look of central Calgary in a less crowded environment. There is plenty of parking in the area and is close to the Calgary Zoo north parking lot and the Telus Spark Centre.

Just West of Crowchild Trail and accessing via 13th Avenue NW (somewhat near McMahon Stadium) and pretty close to that huge toboggan hill when you are heading to the University of Calgary. We’ve often seen news anchors at this location looking out towards downtown and is a nice hidden area with free hourly parking as well.

A less crowded area in town with a very similar view as the Crescent Heights hill but with far less people. Because you will be a bit further away from downtown though, a 70-200mm lens may be needed to achieve a good composition.

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